raw materials

like: L.A.B.S.A

like: S.L.E.S.

like: Alcohol Polyethylene Glycol Ether

like: Betaeen

like: etc...

raw materials

Raw materials production units produce diverse types of zavieh company raw materials needed by the chemical industry in factories all over the world. At the company's factories of raw materials needed detergent and cleansing industries, paint and resins, paper, textiles, etc. Production of the highest quality and international standards. All the production lines installed in the factories making the biggest and most credible performer industrial projects in the world that offer a high quality product in accordance with the standards of the world ensures. As well as the company's manufacturing units, zavieh company is based on the ability to order and require a different action to contract factories for the production of raw material required by you. Trading unit of zavieh company also having an experienced professional can be any type of raw material required by the various industries, the biggest and most prestigious manufacturers in the world, and supply to you. The remarkable thing in the production of raw materials by the company's factories in the deployment of the places of the world where access is very convenient and cheap raw materials needed to manufacture your own products and can be used with reasonable prices than their colleagues.