EV, EVE series

EV and EVE lighting fixtures are designed for the petrochemical industry, combining aesthetics with functionality, performance with simplicity in full compliance with the severity of Ex regulations. The aluminium alloy with low copper content, the shockresistant borosilicate glass and the electropolished stainless steel make this fixture strong to corrosion agents of salt atmospheres and of industrial pollutions. - Easy to install, economic maintenance. - EVE fixtures have an Ex e internal terminal junction box which allows the connection with an Ex e cable gland (not barrier). - Suitable for discharge lamps up to 500W.

about explosion proof

Industrial processes usually use, treat and/or store substances in the physical state of gases, vapors, mists or dusts that, if emitted in the environment, can create hazardous atmospheres. ATEX stands for "ATmosphere EXplosive". The explosion-protected electrical equipment must be manufactured with safety requirements in order to avoid the ignition of the explosive atmosphere. In this section, studies and technical articles are proposed to provide a support on Ex-proof "world" in order to help our customers to choose the right Cortem Group products and solutions. You can then test your knowledge on electrical explosion-protected equipment enjoying our multimedia training course "Test your knowledge".