TIGER series

These floodlights are ideal for lighting large areas, if equipped with symmetrical reflector, or for a selective concentration of light on specific areas when equipped with asymmetric reflector. The high degree of protection IP66 combined with an optimum efficiency at low (-50° C) and high (+60° C) temperatures, make TIGER floodlights suitable for the use in all environments where climatic conditions are extreme. - Fast maintenance. - Simple wiring thanks to the use of marked terminals. - Anti-corrosion aluminium clips. - Flat glass anti-light pollution. - Suitable for lamps up to 400W.

about explosion proof

Industrial processes usually use, treat and/or store substances in the physical state of gases, vapors, mists or dusts that, if emitted in the environment, can create hazardous atmospheres. ATEX stands for "ATmosphere EXplosive". The explosion-protected electrical equipment must be manufactured with safety requirements in order to avoid the ignition of the explosive atmosphere. In this section, studies and technical articles are proposed to provide a support on Ex-proof "world" in order to help our customers to choose the right Cortem Group products and solutions. You can then test your knowledge on electrical explosion-protected equipment enjoying our multimedia training course "Test your knowledge".